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Tulip Meeting Room

Enjoy Corporate meeting With Excellent Service

The chic meeting room can accommodate up to 20 persons. This facility comes along with the required equipment expected for a serious meeting or a presentation. Also get to geather along with katrokki you can indulge in cosy private get together.

The Perfect Hospitality Partner for your Corporate Events


Business meetings aren't stressful anymore, because We have one of the best conference halls for hosting corporate & social events. Host your meetings with us for an adequate experience.

Create your planning with a professionally arranged meeting and get our special meeting package offers at “Tulip Meeting Room". We bring you a complete ambiance to make your conference and events successful.

Whether you are doing training with your team, business conferences, or just need a place to hold your next meeting. Bergamont Hotels is the place to be! With our expert staff on hand, we will handle the planning and execution of your corporate events quickly and seamlessly! Don't wait any longer, make your bookings now! 

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